I have been an observer, an admirer and a believer of opportunities that Sri Lanka has to be a successful maritime hub in the region, if not in the world.

It became a passion and an interesting challenge when I was unexpectedly invited and appointed as the Chairman of the national sea carrier, “Ceylon Shipping Corporation (CSC)” in 2015 by the Hon Minister Arjuna Ranatunga.

During this period, I met Rohan Masakorala for the first time and since then we have been working together on many angles with great enthusiasm and optimism to break loose from the bureaucratic barriers.

The CIMC is one of the main platforms or pavilions in Sri Lanka, almost handcrafted by Rohan single handedly, to discuss, brainstorm and inspire those who are in power, positions and professional within the country and abroad.

Personally, it was a privilege to be a Panel Member of the “Fireside Chat” of the Colombo International Maritime Conference 2022. I am confident that Sri Lanka would sail ahead through this turbulent period by converting all the identified threats into opportunities.

It was indeed a pleasure to attend the CIMC conference in Colombo. It was well timed putting Sri Lanka on the map at a time when it was struggling with a financial crisis and bad publicity. The conference was well organized and well attended by a diversified audience. The sessions were very interesting / informative with prominent speakers with the industry imparting their knowledge and the sessions were keeping well within the time limits. The participation of the audience is to be appreciated and the speakers equally responding well. The venue and food was far excellence. The efforts put in by the organizers is greatly appreciated and seen as a service to the industry with participants leaving with a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Our support for future events is assured and wish the CIMC well in their future endeavours.

"I had the privilege of speaking at the Colombo International Maritime and Logistics Conference 2022 and it was an exceptional experience. The conference brought together industry experts and leaders to share their insights and knowledge on the latest developments and trends in the maritime and logistics sector. The level of engagement and interaction from the attendees was outstanding, making for a truly interactive and productive event. The organization and execution of the conference were top-notch, providing a professional and enjoyable platform for the exchange of ideas and networking. I highly recommend future conferences from CIMC."

“It was a delight to be part of the CIMC 2022 conference at Sri Lanka. The event set the tone for the industry and the nation to progress on the path of sustainability and maritime growth. It had a good gathering of industry experts and leaders which made it an industry voice.”