Message From The Hon. Prime Minister

Message From The Hon. Prime Minister

ranil sl gov 

The government of Sri Lanka has identified the country’s role as a strategic player in the Indian Ocean to support global trade by facilitating and expanding logistics services. The Vision 2025 of the government encapsulates our commitment to make Sri Lanka a key logistics centre in the world.

As technology evolves rapidly and the world moves towards the 4th industrial revolution, Sri Lanka must link to international trade with greater emphasis on exports. To do that, we need to connect to global supply chains by using the island’s unique and strategic location to play a prominent role in the international logistics industry.

The government is committed to fostering partnerships and opening the industry to foreign direct investment. This can potentially make Sri Lanka the hub of Asia. Speed and cost are key elements to be competitive in today’s trading environment and the island is ideally located to provide such economies of scale to both eastern and western trade passing through the Indian Ocean.

In this context, the Colombo International Logistics Conference is one of the great significance. It will open new means of linkages and connectedness in the industry. I take this opportunity to wish the organisers of the event great success

Ranil Wickramasinghe
Prime Minister
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

11th July 2019