Message from Organising Committee Chairman

Message from Organising Committee Chairman

rohanIt is with great pride, pleasure and honour that we have been successful in organizing the first ever Colombo international Logistics Conference, under crying circumstances due to the unfortunate incident in April. However, the nation and its economy have to keep running with whatever challenging situations it may face. It is often said that, in the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity.

Organising committee and myself with the support of many government institutions, diplomatic missions, speakers, businesses and sponsors collectively made this event a reality and I’m proud that Sri Lanka is hosting this first ever Colombo International Logistics Conference. It is no secret that Sri Lanka is the best island in the world in terms of diversity and geography, making it an ideally a logical Indian Ocean hub, way beyond transshipment and shipping.

World is moving into a new fourth industrial revolution transforming with fifth generation technology. This makes the global trade shift into a new gear which is the digital world, revolutionizing the trade patterns and consumer behavior. Seven and a half billion people today will be nearly ten billion in three decades. E-commerce along with new purchasing patterns will put pressure on global supply chains. That is where logistics can enhance the full circle of trade, and locations such as Sri Lanka are rare in the geography of the world to provide ideal solutions.

Therefore, this conference can be considered as an ice breaker for the local and international logistics industry to understand Sri Lanka, South Asia and the Indian Ocean opportunities for more efficient technology based skilled solutions to be discussed to re-position and invest pragmatically in an emerging region of the world. I believe the delegates will have a great opportunity to network, discuss and understand how the logistics industry will transform over the next few decades through the discussions and ideas presented at the CILC 2019.

Rohan Masakorala
Organising Committee